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"I just love the necklace and earrings. Thank you so much."

Suzanne, NY

Sizing and Measurements

Our quoted measurements include all clasps—opened—on applicable items. If the bail (the support) is visible above a pendant, it will be included in the size of the pendant so that you can judge how something will hang.

Where it is possible to get a fairly accurate measurement (i.e., round pearl sizes), they are noted. Sizes are not quoted for baroque, keshi and other asymmetrical gems since their shapes make them very difficult to measure.

Ring Measurements

We use a U.S. standard ring sizer to measure our rings. To determine if the ring we have in stock will fit you: Decide the finger on which you'd like to wear the ring. Cut a piece of paper several inches long and close in width to the ring you'd like to order. Wrap the paper around your finger, making sure it can go over your knuckle. With a pen or pencil, mark the place where the paper meets itself. Measure the length from the beginning of the paper to the mark you made on it. Remember that cold fingers will be smaller than warm! Measurements are approximate. When in doubt, order the larger size.

Ring Size
2 1/8"
2 3/8"
2 11/16"
Ring Size
5 1/2
2 3/16"
7 1/2
2 7/16"
9 1/2
2 3/4"
Ring Size
2 1/4"
2 1/2"
2 13/16"
Ring Size
6 1/2
2 5/16"
8 1/2
2 9/16"
10 1/2
2 7/8"

All the earrings we carry are designed for pierced ears.

Please Note: All measurements quoted are approximate and made to the best of our ability. We only carry rings in the sizes specified. Since we do not have a jeweler on staff, we regret that we cannot advise you regarding ring resizing.