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"Amazing shop.  We've been back three days in a row!!"

Vivian, New York

Jewelry Information & Care

Our Jewelry Boutique

You will find an exceptional selection of items at The Passionate Collector® jewelry boutique. We feature many special pieces that are available in very limited quantities. Our broad range of jewelry ensures that there is something uniquely suited to everyone. This makes it fun for us, and, more importantly, fun for you. Pick something that you like now and keep checking back to see what you will collect next!

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Part of the inherent beauty of gemstones is the unique qualities of size, shape, and color that give each item its own character. At The Passionate Collector®, we embrace these qualities and believe they give each piece its own integrity and personality.

Jewelry Care

All jewelry needs to be handled with care to keep it in top condition. Since jewelry items are inherently somewhat fragile—and can scratch or crack easily—please put them on after you are dressed. Keep gems—especially pearls and other organic gems like coral and amber—away from the chemicals in cleansers, perfumes, hairspray and swimming pools. Store at room temperature—not in a very damp or dry environment.

After wearing, wipe with a soft clean cloth (an old t-shirt is great) and keep each item of jewelry protected in a cloth bag separately to avoid scratching. Sterling silver should be kept in an anti-tarnish bag and/or wiped with a silver cloth periodically. We do not recommend cleaning jewelry with commercial cleaning solutions.

Depending on usage, pearl strands may need to be restrung every couple of years.