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What’s the #1 Way You Can Look As Chic As Amal Clooney?

April 22nd, 2015 - Posted by The Passionate Collector

Sure she’s married to George, but we like her because she is really smart, hardworking, very striking, very accomplished and are floored by her killer style.

It’s easier than you think to be chic while expressing your own unique style because chic is about being your best self.

Here is how to elevate your “inner-chic!”

1. It’s in the bag! One of the most important fashion accessories you can use to establish your chic is your handbag/briefcase. A high-quality bag is easily recognizable and will set you apart from everyone else as a person of style, quality, and grace.

Amal Clooney Style

Amal Clooney


Mirrinae Zip Around Tote $1,190

Mirrinae Zip Around Tote $1,190

2. Be one of a Kind! Being chic is showing off your unique style. Look for one-of-a kind clothing and bags because being chic is about not looking like everyone else. It’s about wearing unique items that suit you and make you stand out in a positive way. Rare and exquisitely handmade handbags are the way to go!

George and Amal on Valentine's Day

George and Amal on Valentine’s Day


Modern Clutch $639

Modern Clutch $639


3. Hold tall and strong! Being chic is how you carry and hold yourself. Chic women know how to carry themselves and maintain good posture. They move with confidence and ease. This includes walking, standing, and sitting up straight. Good posture projects confidence and a self confident woman can light up a room. This does not mean being boisterous. We are talking about a quiet self-confidence that shows in how you would hold your body and the smile you wear on your face.

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney


Saenul Tote M $3,290

Saenul Tote M $3,290. So new it’s not even on the website! Call 949-673-0440 for more information.


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Mother’s Day Gifts under $100.

April 21st, 2015 - Posted by The Passionate Collector

Did you know that flowers are the most popular gift for Mother’s Day? According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, two-thirds (66.6%) of those celebrating Mother’s Day will buy mom flowers.

But here, we give you some ideas for gifts your mother actually wants and they are all under $100!

Satin Bling Hoops 14K Vermeil with Black Rhodium/ CZ's $60

Satin Bling Hoops 14K Vermeil with Black Rhodium/ CZ’s $60

Teardrop Multi Chain Earrings $75

Teardrop Multi Chain Earrings $75

16" Black Chain with 24K Vermeil and Gemstone Pendant $63

16″ Black Chain with 24K Vermeil and Gemstone Pendant $63

16" Sterling Silver Twisted Hoop Chain Necklace with Gemstone Pendant $63

16″ Sterling Silver Twisted Hoop Chain Necklace with Gemstone Pendant $63



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This Season’s Gift Giving Tips and Etiquette

June 3rd, 2014 - Posted by The Passionate Collector

We are in the season of celebrations.  The summer months bring graduations, Father’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers and many other celebrations that allow us to show our love and generosity with a heart-felt and memorable gift.

When giving gifts, it is important to remember that the thought behind the gift is more important than the actual gift itself.  Give what you can afford, no matter what the occasion.  That being said, there is an etiquette involved in choosing and presenting gifts.

Graduations – Every graduation announcement does not require a gift.  It depends on your relationship with the graduate.  A special memento that you know the graduate would cherish shows your generosity.   Electronics, small appliances, and accessories are great for those starting out and/or going from high school to college.  Today, money and gift-cards, while not always memorable, are most always appreciated.

Father’s Day – Father’s Day is about showing the dads in our lives how much we love and appreciate them.  The most important thing to keep in mind about Father’s Day gifts is that they should be reflections of your relationship.  They do not have to be expensive to be meaningful.  The gift can be a special memento, time together, a home-cooked meal, tickets to a game, etc.  When you give Dad something you know that he would enjoy, it shows that you care.

Bridal Showers – You can give the bride-to-be a homemade gift, a special memento, or a family heirloom.  Your cash situation, your crafting talents, and your relationship with the bride will help you decide the best type of gift.  The gift-registry is another sure way to present a gift she really wants.

Co-ed Bridal Showers – Look for co-ed gifts.  If there is something that your family just loves and you think that they would too, don’t be afraid to give them this…you’ll demonstrate your thoughtfulness.  As with other events, the registry is an easy way to ensure gift-giving success.

Weddings – If you are invited to the wedding ceremony, it is customary to give a gift, whether or not you are able to attend.  The gift is based on your relationship with the couple.  Items that you’ve found indispensible when newly starting out, or something that you know has significant meaning to the couple are wonderful ways to show that you put a lot of thought and care into selecting their gift.   Not sure what to get? Once again, their gift registry is the surest and easiest way to success.

Wedding Anniversaries – Celebrating anniversaries is typically kept between the couple.  However, many milestone anniversaries are celebrated with friends and family.  If you are invited to an anniversary celebration, it is customary to bring a gift.  Whether celebrating your own anniversary, or the anniversary of friends or family, the gift should be something memorable and lasting.  Today’s more modern, yet traditional, anniversary gifts include clocks for the 1st, silverware for the 5th, diamonds for the 10th, watches for the 15th, platinum for the 20th, silver for the 25th, and gold for the 50th year.

Baby Showers – If you attend a baby shower, you should bring a gift.  If you cannot attend the shower, you are not expected to send a gift, but you’re welcome to do so.  Giving a gift that you feel every parent needs is appropriate, as well as a homemade gift such as a knitted blanket.  As in most occasions today, selecting a gift from their gift registry is a respectful and appreciated option.

Would you like more advice and gift ideas for others or yourself?  We have the perfect opportunity.

Please join us at the Passionate Collector in Newport Coast for a fun and FREE event on Thursday, June 12th.    You’ll receive more tips and ideas for gift-giving success and enjoy treats, hors d’oeuvres and wine.

Date: Thursday, June 12th

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Place: The Passionate Collector, Newport Shopping Center, 21115 Newport Coast Drive, Newport Coast, CA, 92657

RSVP: by June 8th.

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5 Love Languages® Refresher

May 4th, 2014 - Posted by The Passionate Collector

Let The Passionate Collector® Help You Shower The Women In Your Life With Love!

Gifts ~ Know someone who get’s excited about gifts? People with this preference feel strong love when they’re given gifts, flowers, accessories, something handmade, clothing, a good book, and especially jewelry. These people are often great gift givers and they know just what to give everyone. They are also likely to remember if you forgot their birthday and might even question how strong the relationship still is if you forget.  The Passionate Collector is the ultimate gift-giving resource.  With a wide array of beautiful jewelry, accessories, sundries, candles and cards we can help you select the perfect gift for just about any person – and on any budget.

Words of Affirmation ~ People with this preference love compliments, recognition, affirmations, spoken words of kindness. They get excited when they get a real letter in the mail, or a facebook comment that encourages them & reminds them of their strength and inner beauty. These people often encourage through words as well. They’re always saying things that make you smile.  Show them how much you care with a card from The Passionate Collector.  We have magnificent cards for every occasion and our assortment is constantly being refreshed.

Acts of Service ~ Individuals with this preference feel loved and appreciated when you go out of your way to help make their life easier. Things such as replacing a watch battery, filling up the gas tank, taking out the trash, washing & detailing the car, or fixing a delicious meal. They don’t always need to hear your undying love, they just want you to offer a hand or take care of something without being asked. You can usually spot people like these at larger events because they are always helping out.  Through our jewelry repair and cleaning services, The Passionate Collector makes helping others easy!

Touch ~ People with this preference love a hug, to hold hands, kiss, get their feed massaged, etc. They thrive off of touch and without a physical reminder, they may question whether you love them. People who identify strongly in this category often will be great at high fives, warm greetings, hugs, simple touches, and actual pats on the back.  At The Passionate Collector we give high-fives regularly – and better than that we can help you pick out the prefect expression of your affection so the women you love have a physical reminder even when you can’t be there.

Quality Time ~ People with this preference just love spending time together. They enjoy doing things with us; socializing, having dinner, sharing experiences or just getting together to talk. They don’t care what you do, as long as you’re doing it together. Often, people who prefer this love language feel like the relationship is fading if they’re not actually spending time with you.  Whether you are on a mission or just looking for an excuse to hang out – shopping at The Passionate Collector is a great place to meet up and hang out.

Need to spend some quality time with the women you love?  We have the prefect opportunity.

Please make a date with your BFF and join us for a fun and FREE Girls Night Out style event on Thursday, May 8th. Together you can enjoy mini spa services and meet one of our premier designers, Joey Singh of Manjusha.  The granddaughter of a Maharaja, she will be showcasing her spring jewels and sharing how her royal heritage has influenced her modern designs.

Date: Thursday, May 8th

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Place: Newport Shopping Center

21115 Newport Cost Drive


Don’t miss this event…we just can’t wait to shower you with Love!


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You’re About to Learn 10 Tips On How Increase a Woman’s Visual Appeal

March 30th, 2014 - Posted by The Passionate Collector

Whether it’s work, play or gadding about…there’s a lot of pressure on us women to look our best at all times. The pressure can be especially tough at the change of the seasons with so many decisions to make about what to wear and how to accessorize. After decades dressing for work and play, I’ve figured out that it doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, you can learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes women make when trying to be fashionable at our upcoming workshop with Kay Hunter on April 10th.

Kay is a nationally acclaimed fashion consultant and personal image coach and she will be at The Passionate Collector in Newport Coast to share with us what’s hot for spring and how to easily and cost-effectively incorporate fashion and accessory trends into our current wardrobe.

I personally invite you to join me at our Smart Spring Style event from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 10th at The Passionate Collector in Newport Coast at 21115 Newport Coast Drive. Appetizers and cocktails will be served.

Reserve your seat to learn how to increase your own visual appeal at:

When you RSVP today, I will email you info on the 3 biggest fashion blunders women make. This valuable information will have you looking better and feeling more confident the very next time you go to your closet.

I look forward to seeing you soon and till then…sparkle on!

Susan Shieldkret

The Passionate Collector


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