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"I have been trying to find the Rose Beaded Rings everywhere. I am soooo happy!"

Florinda, NJ

Secrets of Successful Jewelry Buying

Selecting the Perfect Gift

Buying gifts for that special girl can be a daunting task. Here are a few ideas to help you select that perfect, unique gift for the special woman in your life. Whether it be for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister, we want to help you find a present she will enjoy.

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Think lifestyle - How does she spend most of her time?

  • In casual settings
    • Outdoors
    • "Around town"
    • With young children
    • Physical labor
      • Nursing
      • Teaching
      • Repair work
  • In formal settings
    • Office
    • Courtroom
    • Boardroom
    • Meetings

What other physical constraints might there be where jewelry could be an impediment?
  • Lots of phone work, etc.
  • Lots of repetitive hand movements

When you think of lifestyle constraints, what would those impediments be?
  • If you are on the phone all day, earrings that sit on the lobe or are very heavy would be very uncomfortable.
  • If you have young children, items that get pulled easily are difficult to wear.
  • Bangles and bracelets may not be a good choice for musicians, dentists, or people who pick up children all day.

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Think colors - What colors does she like to wear most often?

Think style and personality

  • Is she very conservative in dress?
  • Edgy or trendy?
    • Does she read lots of fashion magazines?
    • Does she like to stand out?
    • Does she wear big or small jewelry?
    • Does she like gold or silver jewelry?

Think comfort - How important is this to her?

Think age (I know, I know...)
If buying for an older woman or grandma, or a person who lives alone, remember to think about eyesight and dexterity. Clasps that are teeny are often difficult to manage.

Think allergies - Does Mom have any allergies to silver or other metals?

Think hinting

  • Has there been any hinting going on?
  • What about???

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Follow your intuition

If you are looking at an item and it is calling out to you or brings a smile to your face, you are probably looking at the right piece.

The perfect gift is usually something that fits her lifestyle and who she is. Something she could wear often or something special for special occasions. Whatever it is, I am sure that, given with love from her family, it would be something any mom would treasure.

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